About Us

Rumani is a part of RK Global Pty Ptd operating in Australia where our team is always enthusiastic about our quality, designs and the great brand names. The single idea behind Rawaaz is the creation of classic fashion accessories designs for the independent you. Committed to stylish designer wear for people of all ages, our brands adhere to adding fresh designs – bringing trends as they-happen, from across the industry. Rumani brand was established with a philosophy to create fashionable leatherwear for your pets with the key focus being on comfort and durability. The products are stylish, yet comfortable and durable.

The RK Global team consists of a number of experienced designers, master craftsmen and traders. During research and development process our team ensures that our brands have the most stylish, comfortable, durable and quality products to offer. Our business has risen from the heart of leather industry. Years of experience in leather industry and continued research enables us to manufacture these products which are made from traditional techniques and skills together with modern technology. Each piece of our product range is made using finest quality raw material for maximum durability and life-long comfort. The result is a rich, vibrant and a perfectly classy look. Complementing traditional leather craftsmanship and contemporary designs, our store promotes leather and saddlery industry market and its potentials. We adhere to the highest quality standards and meticulous attention to detail while bringing trends as-they-happen, from across the industry. Facilitating ease of selection, our store stocks the latest catalogues which feature our collections of products which include saddles, bridles, browbands, halters, leads, breastplates, saddle pads, and dog collars etc. for your pets and equine as well as belts, laptop bags, portfolio bags, ladies bags and purses etc. for you. We are working on areas such as strategy development, quality standardization, marketing, promotion, designing and branding. Fashioned from a wide range of exquisite carefully-picked raw material and designs sourced from various locations across the world, our store offers an exclusive collection of leather fashion accessories and equestrian products perfect for every occasion! Enjoy the great endurance and incredible beauty of our products.