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To Rug or not to Rug!!!!

“To rug or not to rug” is a hot topic amongst horse owners. We all rug for different reasons however in this blog I would like to share my thoughts on the importance of protecting your horses from insect bites. Pictured below is a beautiful mare who sustained a nasty insect bite and developed an allergic reaction. The mare wasn’t rugged prior to the bite. The owner took her horse to the vet where she was given several medications and she made a full recovery.


Halters are a headpiece which  are used to tie up stock of may types of animals such as horses, bulls, dogs and sheep. There is three different types of halters leather, nylon and rope.Horse halters  are confused with a bridle, the biggest difference between a halter and a bridle is that a halter is used by a handler on the ground to lead to either tie up an animal, but a bridle is generally used by a person who is riding an animal.

All about horse bridles and their types……

Bridles used to control a horse’s face, mouth, and neck. The bridle includes the headstall that holds a bit that goes in the mouth of a horse, and the reins that are attached to the bit.

English Bridles:

Weymouth –

The Weymouth bridle, also called a double or full bridle. This bridle with two bits and four reins.