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Socialisation plays an integral role in your dog’s development. Dogs learn how to behave, react and respond in different situations. With dog training in Melbourne, your dog can learn how to get along with other dogs and people around. It will help them become calm down and comfortable in different environments and surroundings.

Rumani offers comprehensive training lessons for pups and dogs of all breeds and sizes in Melbourne. Our affordable and reliable training packages will help you make your pet dog more obedient and patient.

If you’re planning to get a new pup or already have one, you may understand the severity of such situations. Most of the new dog owners get discouraged when they are not able to control their pets or understand exactly what their pet needs. Just like children, your pet also needs consistent care so that they can stay out of trouble and protect themselves on the road.

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We offer customised puppy training in Melbourne. The training program is developed while keeping the needs and requirements of pups and dogs in mind. Our training experts come with years of experience in the pet industry. No matter the breed of your dog, we are sure we will be able to help you out.

How We Work?

We set precise training goals at the beginning of the dog training program in Melbourne. At Rumani, we have a team of highly trained and qualified dog trainers who design a personalised training road map for your dog to start the training. Our four weeks classes are set into different levels according to the progress level of your pet.

Each class is designed to suit your pet’s individual needs. We offer a wide range of training options where we train the dogs and modify their behaviour through effective and safe techniques.

Browse our customised plans for dog training in Melbourne today.

Looking For The Best Dog Training Packages In Melbourne?

Our experts have mastered the essential training skills required to train dogs. We help dog owners develop a healthy relationship with their pets. Our service package includes effective techniques to teach dogs how to deal with separation anxiety, control excessive barking, how to behave while going out for a walk and much more.

We take a systematic approach while creating the dog training packages so that you condition your dog when required. Our team works with the mission to help our clients develop a stronger and deeper relationship with their pets for years to come.

What Does Dog Training Packages Include?

Our packages include teaching dogs:

  • How to behave appropriately indoors/outdoors
  • To interact with family members
  • Socialise with other dogs
  • Adjusting to the new living environment

We offer several dog training solutions to give peace of mind to our clients and make their journey as new pet owners smoother.

When it comes to training your pet, leave the work in the hands of our expert dog trainers at Rumani. We are committed to helping pets live healthy and happy life with their owners.


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