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Fish are considered to be one of the pets you can keep at home without any fuss. Although they do not require much care as compared to other pets, but you do need to have adequate fish supplies online to create and maintain a healthy environment for your colourful pet. 

Discover the best range of aquarium supplies, tropical fish, catfish, aquarium plants, air filters, fish tanks and much more at Rumani. We pride ourselves as leading fish suppliers in Australia. We offer exclusive fish supplies online along with great pricing deals on a massive range of pet products.

We stock branded items, accessories and supplies required by pet owners to set up a dedicated and comfortable living environment for their pets. We have quality supplies for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Our team of pet specialists come with years of experience and have extensive knowledge of fishes and aquariums. From fish tanks to LED lights, we have everything you need to create a home-based aquarium. We have hundreds of fish supplies in Melbourne. If you are planning to decorate your reception, office or home, Rumani’s online platform is what you need to keep your pet fish happy and healthy.

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Role Of Modern Fish Supplies Online

To increase the lifespan of fish, you need to shop for good quality fish supplies in Melbourne including a water tank, proper lighting and air filters. Fish eat, swim and excrete in the same place they live. It is essential to have a good aquarium filter that can perform a quick filtration pretty according to the size of your water tank.

The advanced UV steriliser is one of the must-have supplies that effectively prevent the spread of microorganisms through the water. It produces light at a certain wavelength which removes bacteria and algae present in the water. Consult with our experts online to find which filter would be right for your tank. For bigger aquariums, we offer canister filters.

If you own a large-sized fish breed, then we recommend you get a big filter model. It can be replaced after a few weeks of use. Our range of advanced filtration systems performs the task of keeping the water clean.

Shop For Custom Fish Supplies Online

Rumani can design custom fish tanks and aquariums according to your needs. We use live plants, ornaments, lighting to create stunning and personalised tanks that would make the perfect home for your new pet fish. The fish tanks come in a variety of shapes, dimensions, glass types and styles. They are fully integrated with UV lights and filter systems.

Shop for the best pet supplies from the comfort of your home. Our staff is here to answer any questions and resolve your queries online. If you have any specific requirements, we would love to assist you.


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