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Your pet may develop joint problems like arthritis if they do not get a proper bedding system to relax and sleep. Pet beds in Australia offers a safe and comforting space for pets such as cat and dogs to rest and get adequate cushioning support throughout the night.

A comfortable bedding solution can help you ensure that your pet is getting a good sleep at all times.

Rumani brings a series of stylish, stunning and comfy pet beds online. Your pets deserve the best care when it comes to their development. A dog bed should not be treated as a place of confinement instead think of it as a place of security you provide to your pets that further helps them to feel secure and comfortable.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Pet Beds At Home?

All pets can benefit from our range of pet beds in Australia. The special interlocking fibre ensures the bed remains soft and supportive for your pet. The beds are the perfect fit for older dogs as well who have arthritis. If your pets have behavioural issues and they rely on your attention and love to get through the day, having pet beds installed in your home can help you keep an eye out on them without compromising your house space.

This will also protect your furniture as your pet will spend most of their time in their cosy beds without feeling the need to scratch up the furniture or indulging in burrowing.

Beds for Dogs

Looking for an ideal place of rest for your furry friend? Shop for the best beds for dogs at Rumani’s online store. Your dog would be more than happy to spend some time resting on a soft and warm mattress after a long day of running and playing.

Our beds for dogs are made from 100% pure cotton and polyester materials. The soft to touch fabric is available in various colours and prints to match your style. The fabric is washable and easy to maintain. We offer a size chart to help our customers make the right choice. We recommend the pet owners measure the size of their pets before they pick a suitable dog bed as it needs to be bigger than their dog.


  • Removable and washable covers
  • Soft cushion lining
  • High-quality Australian Foam
  • Allows the pet to sleep, relax and stretch

Get ready to create a hospitable environment at your home by bringing our quality and comfortable dog beds.

Pet Beds For cats

Our cat beds offer great security and comfort to cats. If you have a small-sized pet or a large one, don’t worry, Rumani has got you covered.

The pet beds for cats provides a welcoming space for your pet cat for sleeping. The cotton and polyester blend are completely waterproof and available in different sizes to accommodate your pet.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble and great for travelling
  • Wide surface and sturdy design
  • Offers a comfortable resting space to cats
  • Ultra-soft texture with a non-slip bottom

So, what are you waiting for?

Discover amazing pet beds online only at Rumani.


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