Horse Halters

Halters are a headstall or headpiece which are used to tie up stock or many types of animals such as horses, bulls, dogs and sheep. At RK Global Horsewear, we have all three different types of horse halters – Leather Halters, Nylon Halters and Rope Halters. Check them out at Rumani Horse Halters

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Rumani Horse Halter

Horse Halters are often confused with a bridle. The biggest difference between a halter and a bridle is that a halter is used by a handler on the ground to lead to either tie up an animal, but a bridle is generally used by a person who is riding an animal. Halters strap to a horse’s head and are used for leading and tying the animal. You will most likely use a lead rope along with the halter to lead your horse. Also note that bridles need a bit whereas halters do not need a bit. A halter is safer than a bridle for tying. Usually, a lead is used in addition to the halter tie the animal.

It is important that you get the right size halter for your horse. When a halter is too small for the horse the halter will be quite tight around the nose, the nose piece touches the edge of the cheekbone and because of the short cheek piece you cannot run the throat latch around the throat.


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Fun fact: Halters may be used to attach a muzzle.