How to fit

How To Fit Dog Collars

We measure the leather and do not include the buckle. We begin our measurements at the start of the leather where the center bar of the buckle goes through the leather and measure down to the middle hole of the dog collar.


When measuring your dog’s neck, measure at the bottom of the neck close to the shoulders where the collar will rest. If you don’t have a cloth measuring tape, you can use a string and then measure the length of the string with a ruler.


Allow room for two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar so it will not be too tight on your dog’s neck. The collar should also not be too loose that it can slide over your dogs head.

How To Fit Horse Rugs

It is important that you find the correct match of horse rug to fit your horse which will guarantee the comfort and performance of the horse and a long life of the rug. This is also significant so you can avoid any rubbing, injury or other unpleasant surprise by putting a right size rug on your horse. A rug that is too tight or too loose can cause rubbing and irritation to you horse. So, a rug should neither be too tight nor too loose. It is also vital that the rug is suitable to horse’s breed and weight, its living conditions and weather conditions.

Rumani Rugs sizing and patterns are based on international standards and are made under strict quality controllers’ supervision. We ensure that strict and consistent designing and measuring standards are followed throughout the manufacturing process so that all the rugs in our range are fit for every type of horse. Generally, Australian horse rug are sized in three inches intervals. Rumani Horse Rugs are available in sizes ranging from 2’9” to 7’3”. Rumani Rugs are designed to fit your horse safely and securely so they stay put on your horse all day long. Here we have put together some important tips on how to fit a rug correctly and how to avoid unnecessary problems.

How To Measure Your Horse:-

Please refer to the image above. When choosing a rug from Rumani range, we recommend that you measure your horse from the center of the chest in a straight line, where you would fit the first chest buckle, over the shoulder, going along the side of the horse, along the belly and then to the rear of the hind leg around the rear of the rump where the rug should finish as shown in the picture above. This measurement is the size of the horse rug you would generally want for your horse. If you find that your horse measures 6’3”, you get an idea that your horse may fit a 6’ or 6’6” depending on factors such as your horse’s breed, weight, chest size, age and other characteristics. Horses with broad chest and big shoulder may need the next size up. Your horse may measure between two sizes. Choose the size you consider most appropriate.

 Horse Height (hands)

(A to B) Horse measurement in feet (’) and inches (”)

(A to B) Horse measurement in centimeter (cm)

Approximate (nearest) Horse Rug Size

11.2 – 12

4’6” – 4’9”

139 cm – 146 cm


12 – 13

4'10" - 5'0"

147 cm – 153 cm


13 – 14

5'1" - 5'3"

154 cm – 161 cm


14 – 14.2

5'4" - 5'6"

162 cm – 168 cm


14.2 – 15

5'7" - 5'9"

169 cm – 176 cm


15 – 15.2

5'10" - 6'

177 cm – 184 cm


15.2 – 16

6'1" - 6'3"

185 cm – 191 cm


16 – 16.2

6'3" - 6'5"

192 cm – 197 cm


16.2 – 17

6'6" - 6'9"

198 cm – 205 cm



6'10" - 7'0"

206 cm – 213 cm


Measurement Table:-

Traditionally, some people like to gauge a horse in hands. Some people would measure in centimeters. Please refer to the table below to assist you finding the suitable size rug for your horse.

Here, it is important to remember that a rug will fit well if its chest closure straps are fastened approximately at the center of the chest and the top of the tail flap joins the top of the tail. It is also advisable that you measure a reliable branded rug which your house has been wearing comfortably just to get an idea of the nearest size.

Things To Remember:-

  • Rumani Horse Rugs are true to size. Measure you horse as above. Some brands are not true to size.

  • A right size horse rug should sit forward and in front of the wither while straps are fastened approximately at the center of the chest and the top of the tail flap (seam where the tail flap attaches to the rug) joins the top of the tail.

  • Leg straps should not be hanging too low. They must be loose enough to prevent chafing. Allow about one hand gap between the straps and horse’s thighs. Loose straps may cause your horse getting his legs caught in them while tight straps may cause rubbing.

  • Ensure only one hand’s width between the surcingles strap and the horse’s belly.

  • Neck cut or neckline of some brands’ horse rugs are way too deep or big which causes the chest strap to rub. Make sure that your horse rug fits well at the neck.

  • Chest straps should be closed in a way that the buckles don’t rub on horse’s body. To prevent this use the right size rug and allow about 4 finger gap between buckle and horse’s body.

It is a good idea to choose a rug with a fleece/fur wither protection to make it more comfortable and reduce the risk of rubbing.