To Rug My Horse, Not To Rug My Horse:-
“To rug or not to rug” is a hot topic amongst horse owners. We all have to encounter this qustion – To rug my horse, not to rug my horse?

To-rug-or-not-to-rug-pic-1 TO RUG OR NOT TO RUG!!!!

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To-rug-or-not-to-rug-pic-2 TO RUG OR NOT TO RUG!!!!

We all rug our horses for different reasons. However, in this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on the importance of protecting your horses from insect bites. Above I have displayed a beautiful mare who sustained a nasty insect bite and developed an allergic reaction. The mare wasn’t rugged prior to the bite. The owner took her horse to the vet where she was given several medications. She made a full recovery. If you would like to reduce the risk to your horse being bitten why not try our stunning Rumani Summer Fly Rumani Mesh Rugs and Combo come in Miniature and Regular sizes. This horse owner did!!! Not only is this mare protected but she looks fabulous doing it.

The Fly Mesh Range also offers protection from sun bleaching as the harsh summer weather often leaves our horses’ coats faded and looking dried out. That’s not a great look if you are out competing. The fly mesh also gives protection from flies (a little ironic as it is called a FLY MESH). They are the most annoying of all insects to horses. Have you ever noticed how sensitive a horse is? It can feel a fly land and will pulsate the muscle trying to get it to fly away.

We often put fly masks on our horses so why not cover as much of our horse as possible keeping it from annoying flies and don’t get me started on Bot Flies!!!! I have seen horses stamping feet and running across the paddock trying to escape from Bot Flies. I must admit it is a little funny to watch especially such a large majestic animal such as a horse trying to out run the fly.

Most horse owners at one time or another have had a horse covered in bot eggs. It is a difficult and time consuming task trying to remove them and this is the most common reason our customers use a Fly Mesh Rug.